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Power Your Home with Smart Clean Solar Energy

Solar Sussex offers a full solar (PV) panel installation service for Sussex and Kent properties. Solar energy is the most popular renewable energy technology installed in the UK. Over one million homeowners have now switched to solar panels to power their homes with free, clean energy generated by the sun.

Solar is the most abundant energy source in the world and solar energy is free, renewable, and clean. To utilise the sun’s energy for your home then one of the best solutions is to install solar panels to help to capture, create and store power. Switching to it reduces your reliance on fossil fuels and lowers electricity bills.

Solar Sussex has a highly experienced team and a constant commitment to excellence, we continually strive to be the best in the solar PV installation field. Our consultative approach to every solar project ensures that clients receive industry-leading advice, high-quality installation, and a best-in-class service at a price they can afford. Solar Sussex works hard to ensure customers have the best possible output, efficiency, and longevity from their solar system.

Specialist Home Solar Panel Installers

Solar Sussex are experts when it comes to domestic solar panel installation. Our specialist solar (PV) panel installers can fit efficient solar panel systems and battery storage across any type of property across Sussex & Kent. Whatever your solar energy requirements, we’ll be able to design and install a solar system that suits your home – helping you towards a greener future of energy!

Our home solar panel team can help provide the perfect home Solar Panel system for your energy needs. If you are ready to make the switch to home solar energy, get in touch today on XXXX or simply click here – Go Solar Form

Solar Sussex is a small company so we are able to offer great personal service at extremely competitive prices. Many of our solar panel customers have recommended us to either a friend or family because of our friendly and reliable service. When it comes to the installation of a solar panel system we take pride in our work and guarantee that every job will be carried out quickly and efficiently with as little disruption to you as possible.

If you want to know more about solar panels and whether they are right for your home? Give Solar Sussex a call and book and appointment for us to come see you. Together we can see how much money can be saved for your home using solar panels and together fight climate change by creating a more sustainable future.

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Clean Renewable Power for Your Home 

Generating your own electricity to power your home is a very green way to lower your energy spending and to protect yourself from ever-rising energy prices. You’ll also be benefitting the planet at the same time, as you will be less reliant on electricity generated using fossil fuels, meaning your carbon footprint is also reduced. Solar Sussex combines advanced solar technology, expertise, and friendly service to make your switch to solar simple and hassle-free!

Be a part of the change by reducing your dependence on the energy power grid and lowering your carbon footprint. Whether you’re looking to get started going green or are a seasoned generator of your own power, Solar Sussex designs the most efficient solutions and provides you with the services that put you in control of your power.

Green Energy with Solar Panels

Is My Home Suitable for Solar Panels?

Solar Sussex make it easy by surveying your home to check that it’s suitable for solar panels. Our one-stop-shop approach means that we design the system for your home to maximise the benefits. Our expert solar panel team also installs everything to ensure the system works efficiently for many years.

There are lots of things to look at when considering solar panels and whether it’s the right thing for your home.

  • Size of the roof space

  • The way the roof faces

  • The angle of the pitch

  • Conservation area limitations

  • Roof accessibility

Types of Roof Solar Panels

Benefits of Home Solar Panels 

Home Solar Panel Benefits
  • Live off-grid, become self-sufficient and reduce your energy bills

  • Protect yourself against rising energy prices and price hikes from the big utility providers

  • Fit and forget with a hassle-free installation with minimal lifetime maintenance

  • Solar panels will help increase your energy efficiency and EPC rating

  • Add value to your property. Solar is the ultimate sustainable investment

  • Use battery storage to store surplus solar power for later use

  • Sell your excess green energy back to the grid, making you money

  • Solar is a renewable energy source, and doesn’t release any harmful carbon emissions, reducing your carbon footprint

Integrating Solar Panels with a Home Battery

Combining your home solar panels with a battery has now become the most popular solution for homeowners. These hybrid systems offer much more control over your energy consumption and allow you to store your solar energy to power your electric vehicle or for use in the evenings.

solar panel battery

Go Solar. Live Greener. Save Money

Solar Sussex’s mission is to help households reduce their carbon emissions and energy costs 1 Solar panel at a time. Since our conception, we have built a reputation as one of the most trusted renewable energy companies throughout Sussex and Kent. We install home solar panel systems, battery storage and EV chargers in domestic homes. Battling climate change and making both Sussex and Kent a greener place is Solar Sussex full-time commitment.

Join the Solar Revolution Today

Solar panel installation is a cost-effective investment for Sussex and Kent homeowners. With electricity prices rising, Solar Sussex is seeing unprecedented demand for our solar panels and battery storage solutions.

The consumption of energy is rapidly increasing and on a system that cannot support it. As a result, the shift to generating renewable energy has become more and more mainstream. We are seeing enquiry levels 10 times the usual volumes so join the wave of people generating their own electricity using solar power. Start your journey today to less dependence on the grid with solar. Solar panels are the energy source of the future, and they even work well in the cloudy old UK.

Contact Solar Sussex today and join the millions now generating their own electricity.

If you’re not sure about solar panels and whether they are right for you, we can help you decide. There’s not much we don’t know about solar panels, so we can answer your questions and put your mind at ease.

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