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Empowering the Future with Solar Energy

Solar Sussex is a leading supplier and installer of advanced solar panel systems specifically for the UK climate. We offer Sussex and Kent residential customers and business owners the opportunity to save money and the environment at the same time. A Solar Sussex solar panel system offers clean and sustainable energy, all while forging a responsible path towards the future.

Solar Sussex are independent experts in solar energy, battery storage, and electric car charging points. We saw an opportunity to create a renewable energy company based on excellent solar industry knowledge coupled with outstanding customer service. Solar Sussex provide and install solar panel systems across Sussex and Kent; for councils, universities, businesses, and homeowners.

Specialist Solar Panel Installers

Solar Sussex are experts when it comes to domestic and commercial solar panel installation. Our specialist solar (PV) panel installers can fit efficient solar panel systems and battery storage across any type of property across Sussex & Kent. Whatever your solar energy requirements, we’ll be able to design and install a solar system that suits you – helping you towards a greener future of energy!

Solar Sussex is a small company so we are able to offer great personal service at extremely competitive prices. Many of our solar panel customers have recommended us to either a friend or family because of our friendly and reliable service. When it comes to the installation of a solar panel system we take pride in our work and guarantee that every job will be carried out quickly and efficiently with as little disruption to you as possible.

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Clean Renewable Power for Your Home and Business

Generating your own electricity to power your home is a very green way to lower your energy spending and to protect yourself from ever-rising energy prices. You’ll also be benefitting the planet at the same time, as you will be less reliant on electricity generated using fossil fuels, meaning your carbon footprint is also reduced. Solar Sussex combines advanced solar technology, expertise, and friendly service to make your switch to solar simple and hassle-free!

Be a part of the change by reducing your dependence on the energy power grid and lowering your carbon footprint. Whether you’re looking to get started going green or are a seasoned generator of your own power, Solar Sussex designs the most efficient solutions and provides you with the services that put you in control of your power.

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Thinking About Installing Solar PV Panels?

With household bills rising sharply – particularly the cost of gas and electricity – and likely to continue to do so in the coming months, this could be the ideal time to start generating your own energy. If you can reduce your dependence on the energy companies, who are at the mercy of world prices, not to mention political instability in Europe, you could be better off in the long term.

Solar Sussex solar panel solutions are designed to suit your property and your unique energy-use habits. Whether a business or home, every project is designed according to your needs, and only the best technology to fit your purpose and budget is recommended. Solar Sussex designs and installs our solar panel services individually or together as part of an efficient, green business or home solution. The fact is that solar panels are the energy source of the future, and they even work well in the cloudy old UK.

Join the Solar Revolution Today

Solar panel installation is a cost-effective investment for Sussex and Kent homeowners and businesses. With electricity prices rising, Solar Sussex is seeing unprecedented demand for our solar panels and battery storage solutions.

The consumption of energy is rapidly increasing and on a system that cannot support it. As a result, the shift to generating renewable energy has become more and more mainstream. We are seeing enquiry levels 10 times the usual volumes so join the wave of people generating their own electricity using solar power. Start your journey today to less dependence on the grid with solar. Solar panels are the energy source of the future, and they even work well in the cloudy old UK.

Contact Solar Sussex today and join the millions now generating their own electricity.

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Contact  Solar Sussex  today and join the millions now generating their own electricity.